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We live in a global world, where miles-long distances shrink into seconds. Therefore, time is a crucial entity. It is limited and can not be avoided. All of us have their time strictly limited. And that is the reason I deduce the sense of our being and its'quality by the very element of time.
Fools waste it. Wise people try to use it while knowing that for instance the most important parts of long and exhausting negotiations are the first 50 and the last 30 minutes. Knowing that a person who gives you a hand from above underestimates you and it is useless to try to convince him or her as well as knowing that focusing on details will help you understand the whole.

Let's not lose the countryside


You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline - it helps if you have some kind of football team, or some nuclear weapons, but in the very least you need a beer, said musician Frank Zappa...

Let’s go shopping to Hainburg!


When it comes to shopping, Hainburg is the place to go, everything is super over there. OK, prices may be higher but the “Western” quality makes up for it...

Oszkár Világi: Programmes should win rather than just numbers (2.)


A month ago, I wrote an article that evoked emotions. Once again, I shall write about elections and highlight phenomena that seem to distort the public debate...

Világi: Slovenská politika by měla nacionalistům a Slotovi říct dost!


Někteří politici myslí, že jejich legitimitu vytváří, když budou útočit na zájmy jiných.

Világi: Moju ponuku si ani neprečítali


"Antalovci vedia, že čím dlhšie naťahujú čas, o to je menej pravdepodobné, aby k obchodu došlo"

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